Cubby Roo

Stromness community play park

The Stromness THI approached 59 degrees north to design and build a stone built playhouse using traditional techniques within a local play park. The construction of the project also provided workshops and training for local young people working towards a Youth Acheivement Award.

The design was worked up with local youth groups who also participated in practical workshops at various stages of the build. The playhouse is built with locally reclaimed stone with lime mortar, lapped and pegged roof couples and a Caithness slate roof. Lime plaster as internal finish. A stone was sculpted by Historic Scotland masons and built into a gable wall. The name, Cubby Roo, was chosen by a local child and refers to a legendary giants' castle on the outer Orkney isle of Wyre.

The Cubby Roo was 59 degrees first design and build project.

Cubby Roo
Cubby Roo front elevation
Cubby Roo gable
Cubby Roo steps and doorway
Cubby Roo interior
Cubby Roo roof