Stromness nursery playground

Stromness nursery approached 59 degrees north to re-design and build their playground. The work was to be phased starting with creating a sand play area. 

Workshops were held with the children, led by Sam Green, and ideas gathered to feed into the design. A granite stone dragon was decided upon wrapping around the sand play area with a baby dragon nestling beside her and a dragon egg starting to hatch! A lady dragon was chosen as she was seen as less scary and a flower was carved onto her nose. The dragons body was made out of granite rocks with each hosting a number and corresponding spots to help with numeracy. Timber posts form the front boundary to the sand play area and allow sitting and balancing play. The project was done on a semi-voluntary basis as Sam's daughter attends the nursery.

The next phases have been designed and is awaiting funding to implement.

Stromness nursery
Stromness nursery 3
Stromness nursery 1
Stromness nursery 4